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If the memory will make ripples, then today’s autumn red leaves and blue skies are yours.

  Dxin Xia,I am currently studying for a master’s degree in electronic Information in Dalian University of Technology. I graduated from Shandong Jianzhu University majoring in computer Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree. I am interested in embedded, BootLoader, Linux kernel, driver, etc.My recent research focuses on edge computing, mobile computing, especially computing offloading and deep learning.

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I am familiar with the use and configuration of the server, have a deeper understanding of Nginx, Tomcat, etc., familiar with nginx reverse proxy, etc., familiar with the operation of mysql, Docker, etc. https://aeneag.xyzThis blog is running on docker.Having strong hands-on ability.

At present, I mainly study edge computing, and also like to write technical articles, mainly on blog and wechatr official account: Technology Dance.

        Linux kernel introduction series articles

        C language series articles

        linux series articles

        Playing with Python series articles

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